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An enterprising business with an abundance of experience and knowledge in the hospitality industry.

We have the drive and know-how to succeed in any environment and situation that the industry may throw up.

Acute business management with a keen eye on the importance of bottom-line profit and has a distinct knowledge of purchasing and supply, in particular, sourcing for the best price, quality and delivery service.

Streamlining your business for enhanced net profit. We are experts in all aspects of bar operations.

We have extensive experience in providing a high level of service to customers and delivering a high-quality product, and we strongly believe in the importance of customer satisfaction.

We are experienced operators, with that you get a wealth of knowledge and the capability of taking any business to the next level.

Through determination and drive, we will succeed in delivering the best possible results for your business.

We place extreme value on building strong positive working environments, and above all, trust, whether that is with friends, clients, colleagues or stakeholders.

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Small World will help you reveal the benefits of guest centric operational planning and provide you with some practical examples as to how to generate natural, authentic memories for your guest’s time and time again.

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